About Anabella Cabello

One of Dr. Scott’s key team players is the outstanding Anabella Cabello.

Anabella is a brilliant and effective psychic and intuitive wellness coach for the past 15 years and she specializes in a highly effective and successful approach to provide excellent and effective POST-READING SUPPORT and Healing. She transformed her life and the lives of thousands of others from a complete state of despair and disempowerment to a joyous, fulfilled, empowered life using her own intuitive healing and psychic abilities. Her techniques are formulated through a combination of alternative forms of healing, such as psychic intuition, astrology, numerology, and energy healing. This approach not only guarantees that you will bring about your highest degree of health and lifestyle, but also the most perfect romantic partner. In addition, Anabella’s holistic, comprehensive, and intuitive approach has guided thousands of people to successfully recover from different types of addictions.

Anabella Cabello, holistic, intuitive & transformative coach